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Fruit and Flowers

There's a reason that every artist since the dawn of time has painted flowers and fruit.  Their colour and form is endlessly fascinating and we are drawn to their beauty.   I'm a complete sucker for tulips in particular- I just can't resist their charms.  I was told once that "you shouldn't paint flowers" as "real artists" don't.  That sort of remark really gets my goat (there are may others that annoy me but my particular favourite is  that only artists who have been to prestigious art schools are artists - so by extension Francis Bacon, Van Gogh or Jasper Johns don't qualify.  Enough said)  Anyway, back on topic, "real" artists have always painted flowers. I've always been a free thinker, being a follower of fashion is not for me.  So I will always paint flowers and the odd fruit. .

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