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Invisible Threads

My M.A. Fine Art graduate show at City and Guilds London Art School -

Sept 3rd - 10th 2022

It's a Beautiful Game


Invisible threads are the strongest ties. Friedrich Nietzsche


My work draws on my connection to place, history and memory and is defined by my values of equality, community, taking positive action and being open to different points of view.  My development process involves external research, but also an internal journey. 

Inspired by my father who died over twenty years ago, I have spent the last year travelling between London and Blackburn (once known as “Cottontown”).  My research has focused on the history of my family and the town, as well as the present day reality of Blackburn, a place my father left when he was eighteen and one I knew only through his stories.  This personal journey has been both painful and joyful.


Invisible Threads brings together a selection of different strands of my research.  Each is made using whatever discipline feels most appropriate, Individual threads have their own purpose, but when woven together they suggest a more complex and wide ranging narrative.

I aim to create a shift in perspective, to interrupt assumptions and make the viewer reconsider their viewpoint. 


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