a community collaboration by Aidan Brooks and Sarah Lang

Anyone can step inside photographer Aidan Brook’s corner box and be photographed isolated from their environment and all expectations and prejudices.


The photographs will then be viewed by five artists, led by Sarah Lang, each of whom will select one photograph.  Each artist will then create a work that they associate with the anonymous image. 


The result of this three way collaboration between subject, photographer and artist will be the exhibition, Isolation|Association. This will show every photograph that was taken in isolation, alongside the five art works that have been created by association. 


The creation and enjoyment of Art does not require an invitation or special qualifications, you simply have to be interested and present.  So anyone can be a subject for the corner box and everyone can come to the exhibition.  (Whoever steps inside the corner box will be able to take home a free copy of their photograph at the end of the project. )